Mobile Ultra microSD

The SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSD cards are class 10 cards that are ideal for running operating systems and playing ultra high bit rate media from.

  • Ultra HD media

    Class 4 devices don't have fast enough read speeds to handle high bitrate videos such as the 40Mbps Samsung Oceanic demo, however class 10 devices excel.

  • Running an OS

    High speed SD cards like the Mobile Ultra are ideal cards to use when you want to run an operating system from your SD card.

  • Authentic

    We source all our supplies through official channels, and all of our stock are authentic SanDisk stock with valid verification codes.

Capacities 8, 16, 32 GB
Class 10
Performance Up to 30MB/sec read, write speed slower
UHS-I UHS-I enabled and ready for the next generation of mobile devices
  • 8GB

    $20.00 USD

  • 16GB

    $28.00 USD

  • 32GB

    $47.00 USD